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  • NPACE Notes July 2022


    July Table of Contents
    From The Director
    July Splash Sale!
    Content Experts Needed
    COVID Wisdom
    Celebrating HIV Awareness Month with Updates on PrEP
    Accidental Drownings
    NONPF September Faculty Workshop


    From The Director

    By: Terri Schmitt, Executive Director 

    I must admit this summer has been somewhat difficult for me professionally, as I am sure it has for many. Changing state healthcare laws, surges in infectious disease, and limited access to specialists has made my professional practice much more challenging.

    The things I am trying to remember…We are literally all in this together.
    We all still need to commune together.
    We all still need continuing education.

    We all still need to fill our own cup, which is easier said than done, but critical ultimately to enhancing our ability to care for others.

    Join us and do all of this at our remaining 2022 events.

    In Dana Point, CA you can get out on the water, take a morning stroll, join us for yoga, or whale watch! You can also learn in person from Dr. Sally Miller, Dr. Patsy Sulak, and Dr. Josh Hamilton.

    In Boston, MA you can shop for the holidays, see pieces of history, or eat great Italian food!  You can also join us for free workshops on radiology reading, EKG interpretation, or women’s health.

    If you need a virtual option, besides on demand, we have a $50 1 day event coming Oct, 4th!

    If you cannot join us this year, then be looking to 2023, where we are going to new places, changing up our schedule to offer you more down time with more benefits and CE, and making wellness for you a priority. Our registration will be out this fall!

    Finally, as always NPACE wants to hear from you. What do you need for wellness, continuing education, community with other professionals? We want to start more conversation. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.



    On Demand in July: Splash Sale! 

    Get your CE credit poolside this summer! July 5th – 26th, save big on select bundles with 20% off. Take a deep dive into Pediatric/Adolescent Health, Dermatology, and more. Below is the full list of bundles you can save on today and register before these savings are gone! (No code needed)

    What’s On Sale?

    Dermatology Extras: Acne, Hair, and Injectables Bundle
    Women’s Health
    Pediatric/Adolescent Health
    Hot Topics in Primary Care Bundle Vol 2
    2021 Mental Health
    2021 Infectious Disease

    Content Experts Needed

    NPACE appreciates your knowledge and expertise! As a content expert, you are asked to review CE and provide feedback. In return for volunteering to review CE, you receive all of the CE for the content that you review for free. Content Experts may also have an opportunity to write a 500-word article for the NPACE newsletter.  

    Please use this link to apply to become an NPACE Content Expert: https://airtable.com/shrAmGaJstVnOSXRU

    July Wisdom: Paxlovid 

    by: Danielle Hebert, DNP, ANP-BC
    Why do some patients experience a rebound COVID-19 infection and others do not? This is the question that is being asked by many. In May, the CDC issued a Health Advisory informing us about rebound infections occurring after treatment with Paxlovid. However, there have been others who have experienced the same rebound infection phenomenon without having received the treatment. Those who have received Paxlovid may experience a recurrence of symptoms or a positive test 2-8 days after their recovery (CDC, 2022). These occurrences do not preclude the use of Paxlovid as it is very effective in preventing hospital stays associated with COVID-19 infections. This remains to be a fluid situation with more research and literature being published—stay tuned!

    CDC Health Advisory https://emergency.cdc.gov/han/2022/pdf/CDC_HAN_467.pdf

    Rubin, R. (2022). From positive to negative to positive Again—The mystery of why COVID-19 rebounds in some patients who take Paxlovid. JAMA, 327 (24), 2380-2382. doi: 10.1001/jama.2022.9925.

    Celebrating HIV Awareness Month with Clinical Practice Updates on PrEP

    Ellen Smith, MSN, MPH, NP-C, WHNP-BC, CIC, CPH

    Given the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, many nurse practitioners may be unfamiliar with recent clinical practice updates and treatment options in other corners of the infection control field. As we celebrate the month of July as HIV Awareness Month, we turn our attention to developments in the field of HIV prevention, namely HIV PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis). Pre-exposure prophylaxis consists of medications that are prescribed to people at risk for HIV acquisition (such as people who use IV drugs or have high-risk sex)1.

    Read more…

    Pool and floatAccidental Drowning in Children: Overview, Prevention, and Treatment

    by: Madison Davis MPH Candidate, Brown University School of Public Health

    Drowning can be defined as being unable to breathe as a result of being submerged in water. When a person is submerged underwater, they experience a laryngeal spasm reflex which closes off their airway and prevents oxygen from going to the brain1. Accidental drowning is one of the leading causes of death among children in the United States2.
    Read more…

    Join NONPF for their virtual September Faculty Workshop September 15-16!

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