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  • NPACE Notes September 2022

    From The Director: Partnership with NONPF now Launched

    By: Terri Schmitt, Executive Director 

    Partnership with NONPF Now Launched! 

    NPACE is proud to announce the launch of its partnership with the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF).  We have been working closely together for nearly 2 years to design and launch a product to help meet the learning needs about the nuances of educating nurse practitioner students. Having been an NP educator for years, I remember the stress that came with not knowing certain documents, how to navigate clinical, how to write exam questions and run exam test statistics, and then how to best teach with technology.

    This 28-credit on-demand continuing education program covers topics unique to the learning needs of novice NP educators. In addition, these modules cover complex yet unique aspects of NP education, created exclusively for faculty who are new educators.

    The project is broken into five easily navigable modules with learning activities and more! Modules include:

    • Foundations and Theoretical Frameworks of Education
    • Curriculum Design and Development
    • Student Assessment and Test Construction
    • Clinical Education and Evaluation
    • Technology and Learning Best Practices

    If you are a new NP faculty, or are looking to learn more so that you can explore teaching NP students, this educational opportunity is for you! A big thank you to the entire NONPF team for their dedication and time in building the project, the faculty who worked and presented content, and the NPACE staff who spent many hours putting together the final pieces! 

    For more information check out our learning center page here


    Upcoming 2022 conferences and 2023 registration coming soon!

    In Boston, MA you can shop for the holidays, see pieces of history, or eat great Italian food! You can also join us for free workshops on radiology reading, EKG interpretation, women’s health and more.

    ​​​If you cannot join us this year, then be looking to 2023, where we are going to new places, changing up our schedule to offer you more down time with more benefits and CE, and making wellness for you a priority. Join us in Savanah at the end of February, Denver in April, Cape Cod in June or October, SanDiego in August, or Phoenix in November! We are also providing full pharmacology conferences in 2023 at some locations! Registration will be open in mid October! Be watching for updates. 

    Finally, as always NPACE wants to hear from you. What do you need for wellness, continuing education, community with other professionals? We want to start more conversation. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.


    On Demand: 2022 Conference Packages on Sale! 

    If you missed joining us in person this year, you still have the opportunity to purchase one of the amazing conferences on demand. Check out the great conferences here.  If you have not visited the NPACE Learning Center at learn.npace.org, then you should. Engaging and expert content you need, pharmacology credits, and important topics. 

    September Wisdom: RAAS 

    by: Danielle Hebert, DNP, ANP-BC

    What does one do with the RAAS inhibitor when a patient experiences hyperkalemia? This has been a question by many providers as well as researchers. There is an incline to stop the RAAS inhibitor and prevent the recurrence of hyperkalemia. A recent study by Leon et al. (2022) found that the discontinuation of RAAS inhibitors resulted in a “higher risk of CV mortality, all-cause mortality, fatal and nonfatal CV events, and dialysis initiation.” As these findings are important in our treatment selection, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. To learn more about the findings from this study and how you may apply them to the care of your patients, please read:

    Leon, S. J., Whitlock, R., Rigatto, C., Komenda, P., Bohm, C., Sucha, E., Bota, S. E., Tuna, M., Collister, D., Sood, M., & Tangri, N. (2022). Hyperkalemia-related discontinuation of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors and clinical outcomes in CKD: A population-based Cohort Study. American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 80(2). https://doi.org/10.1053/j.ajkd.2022.01.002


    BY: Suzanne Garcia, CRNP, BSN, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine & Baltimore City Health Department

      Vulvar cancer includes cancer of the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibular bulb, and greater vestibular glands. Geographically, it’s most common in Europe, North and South America, and Oceania.1 

    Read more…

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