Upon the inception of the very first Nurse Practitioner Program in 1965, it wasn’t long before NPs started becoming an essential and valuable part of the U.S. healthcare system. With a surge of NPs entering the workforce (nearly 15,000 by 1979) and more than 200 NP programs and tracks offered to students before 1980, nurse practitioner organizations started forming to help NPs earn credentials and adhere to federal regulations.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first nurse practitioner program, NPACE was established as a national nonprofit organization in Massachusetts in 1980 by a group of seven nurse practitioners from the New England area, four of which were Massachusetts natives. In the years following, a group of NPACE conference attendees and supporters from various NP organizations would ultimately establish the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, another major Massachusetts born organization.

For forty years, NPACE has been dedicated to improving nurse practitioner practice by providing relevant and evidence-based continuing education through conferences and online courses that focus on topics in primary care and pharmacotherapeutics. Created for nurse practitioners, by nurse practitioners, we strive to provide NPs with a comfortable and seamless educational experience, while also giving back to our community of NPs with rewarding educational opportunities.