Lab Interpretation and Other Primary Care Primers

Lab Interpretation and Other Primary Care Primers

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HPV/Cervical Cancer, Anal/Oral Cancer Update

This session will discuss the link between HPV and cervical, anal and oral cancer screening, describe new cervical cancer screening and explain anal and oral cancer, HPV pathophysiology, risk factors, screening and clinical manifestations. Note: This course does NOT offer pharmacology credits.

Common Sports Injuries in the Weekend Warrior

Are there weekend warriors among the patients in your practice? This activity presents a profile of the weekend warrior, the common sports injuries they encounter, interventions and basic principles of injury management and the recovery process.

Laboratory Interpretation: Challenging Cases in Primary Care

Learn to decipher and make sense of various laboratory abnormalities in this activity, presented by an experienced NP. Challenging cases involving anemia, white blood cell (WBC) abnormalities, and liver function test (LFT) abnormalities will be explored with guidance on the selection of appropriate laboratory tests and treatment options.

Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease

Cutaneous manifestations of systemic disease can present themselves in a number of disorders, including endocrine disease, renal failure, and gastrointestinal disease. In this activity, learn how to identify them as well as systemic risks related to more common disorders.

Concussion Assessment, Management, and Return to Sports

With increasing recognition of concussions as important traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), comprehensive assessment and documentation of individuals with concussions is more important than ever. This activity reviews pathophysiology and implications of concussion/TBI, guidelines regarding return to play, and more.